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Oil Free Air Compressor

Best Oil Free Air Compressor 3 HP

With a Maximum Flow Rate of 120 CFM

Our Best Oil-Free Air Compressor is equipped with a 3 HP motor, providing the necessary power for various applications while ensuring oil-free and clean compressed air.This air compressor bears the trusted brand name "Best," reflecting our commitment to delivering quality and reliability in air compression.

With a Maximum Flow Rate of 120 CFM, this compressor offers a steady and substantial supply of clean, oil-free compressed air.

Operating at a Discharge Pressure of 8 Bar, this compressor is suitable for a wide range of applications, from powering pneumatic tools to providing air for industrial processes.

The air compressor features an Air Tank Capacity of 30 Litres, offering a reservoir of compressed air for immediate use and helping maintain consistent pressure.Designed for easy integration into various settings, this compressor operates on AC Single Phase power, making it compatible with a range of electrical systems.

With a noise level of less than 70 dB, this oil-free air compressor minimizes workplace noise, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable working environment.This air compressor is designed with portability in mind, making it easy to move and adapt to various job sites or workshop settings.

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