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Vacuum Air Compressor

Atlas Vacuum Air Compressor

With a maximum flow rate of 60 Cu.Mtrs/Hr

This vacuum air compressor operates on Single Phase power, ensuring compatibility with a range of electrical systems and ease of use.With a maximum flow rate of 60 Cu.Mtrs/Hr, this compressor is capable of efficiently generating the vacuum necessary for your specific applications.

Featuring a 500-liter tank capacity, this vacuum air compressor provides ample storage for the vacuum produced, ensuring a steady and consistent supply.

The compressor is designed to deliver a discharge pressure of 7 bar, making it suitable for various applications where a vacuum is required.Constructed from durable Mild Steel, this vacuum air compressor is built to withstand the rigors of industrial use and offers long-lasting performance.

Operating at 220 V, this compressor is designed for easy integration into various settings with minimal electrical requirements.The compressor operates at 2000 RPM, ensuring efficient performance and reliability in generating the necessary vacuum.

With a 5 HP motor, this vacuum air compressor combines power and efficiency to meet your vacuum needs effectively.

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